Botany Ambiance Mist

Nourish Botany Ambiance Mist

Formulated with PAÑPURI signature essential oil blends reminiscent of Siamese water. Dissolved in certified organic sugarcane alcohol to provide arom

    Inspiring, transporting, nourishing. This natural room spray beguiles you back in time
    to the ancient Siamese water festival with its deep, sweet blooms and exotic floral notes that foster serenity and positivity.

    Scent Family 

    Scent Pyramid

    Top Notes 
    Wild Mint

    Heart Notes
    Thai Jasmine

    Base Notes
    Ylang Ylang


Jasmine Absolute
Relaxes & uplifts the spirit.

Certified Organic Ylang-ylang
Provides relief from stress and enhances the mood.

Thai Mint
Provides a refreshing and cooling effect.

How To Use

Spray to transform any space into a realm of rest and relaxation.


Jasmine Absolute
Extracted from flowers of Jasmine Sambac—native to a
small region in the eastern Himalayas in Bhutan and
neighboring Bangladesh, India and Pakistan—jasmine is
famed for its pleasing scent and its pure white color
symbolic of purity and gentleness. Helps in relaxing and
uplifting the spirit.

Certified Organic Ylang-ylang
Extracted from the flowers of Ylang-ylang grown in
Madagascar, primarily through steam distillation under
certified organic process by ECOCERT. Provides relief for
stress and enhances the mood.

Thai Mint
Extracted from the aromatic leaves of mint plants that
grow wild in Thailand by steam distilled process. It
provides refreshes and a cooling effect.